Maak kennis met Buyflex

Buyflex helps you to improve the procurement of external labour, but that is perhaps an understatement. By achieving constant success in making processes more efficient, by matching supply and demand even more effectively, by thinking along for solutions in a hard temp labour market and by giving independent advice, Buyflex makes organisations stronger. We want to make a real difference to you; anything less and we won’t be satisfied.

As a procurement consultancy, we work on behalf of large and medium-sized employers in the Netherlands, but also throughout the rest of Europe; organisations whose annual budgets for flexible labour can range anywhere between 1 and 100 million euros or more. We use the term flexible in the broadest sense of the word to not only encompass temporary labour and contracting, but also MSP solutions with VMS support. Every day, we work together with HR and procurement, as well as with the agencies on the other side of the negotiating table. If you want to know what room for improvement we can see in your organisation, we would be more than happy to meet with you in person. We promise you won’t be disappointed and we will certainly get you thinking.

Do not settle for less

  • Independent and objective custom-made advice
  • External staffing will be organised more effectively
  • Receive the best Terms and Conditions from staffing agencies