Maak kennis met Buyflex

Collaboration should be straightforward, because simplicity benefits everyone. At Buyflex, simplicity means we put a single consultant in the lead, so you never have to wonder who to get in touch with. Not only that, your consultant has insights from all disciplines and levels at their fingertips, and they can call on the support of Buyflex’s specialists wherever necessary. Projects are started and seen through to the end by the same consultant, who, even a year down the line, can give direct answers to your questions. At Buyflex, we don’t believe in passing the buck. We don’t leave our assistants to stand on the frontlines. We work with a single contact person for each assignment, and the consultant assigned to you will be fully dedicated to the project and your organisation. That is how we work. This is the Buyflex approach and we are fully committed to it.

We give our projects everything we have, without wasting energy on internal communication and handovers. Our consultants can take on any aspect of the job, from the boardroom to the shop floor. We’re a valuable sparring partner for the CFO and we also speak the language of the Operations Manager. Whatever their role, anyone involved can call us directly, on our mobile phones, during the day or even after hours.

And just to reassure you: we don’t make decisions. We organise and coordinate, so you can make the right decisions. The only decision we make is that you have the final say.

How we work:

  • One Buyflex consultant in the lead
  • Support from Buyflex specialists whenever necessary
  • Insights from all disciplines and levels at your disposal