Maak kennis met Buyflex

A collaboration with us will result in you receiving the best agreements possible with staffing agencies.

  • Your flexible labour will be organised more effectively.
    Simplified and easier to manage. We optimise processes, look beyond departments and business units, eliminate ambiguity and create simplicity. We also help to analyse the true internal demand for staffing and map it out in detail. Because we take the entire process into consideration, we are able to implement complete, suitable and effective improvements. The best thing is that our clients’ HR and procurement departments always agree on the added value we provide, although often it’s only afterwards that they do so. Initially, they find it hard to imagine what more we could contribute…
  • You will have the best solution.
    Buyflex highly valuates independence. We do not slide forward ‘favourite’ agencies. We deliver custom-made service, we observe your company and determine together with you which agencies will be invited. In the end, it’s up to the agencies to make the translation to your organisation, whether it is a procurement project or a negotiation project. And it is your decision, because you are the only one able to decide.

If this promise sounds appealing, we would be happy to make an appointment with you so you can experience it for yourself.

What we deliver:

  • The best agreements with staffing agencies
  • Complete and suitable improvements
  • Independent advice