Maak kennis met Buyflex

We are a procurement consultancy that was established in 2002. We prefer our reputation to be based on our deeds and not on anything we have to say. Just ask our clients. Ask their HR professional, their procurement manager, the CFO, the CEO or whoever. They will tell you exactly what we’re good at, what we have done and how they rate our work. They can also tell you all about our personal commitment.

Sometimes what we do seems almost mysterious, but it isn’t. What we bring to the table is a rare specialism. We are familiar with your side of the table (HR, procurement, management), but we have also spent many years sitting in the intermediary’s seat. This makes for a unique combination. We understand the main strategic principles, as well as the technical details of external labour in all its forms. In this regard, our consultants are all weathered professionals.

Thanks to our expertise, even the most experienced professionals regard our contribution as an added benefit and our commitment as priceless.

Our motto is ‘solutions and qualities’ and that says enough. We are fully committed to preserving the skills within your organisation, whilst at the same time our skill lies in revealing opportunities for improvement and optimization. We recommend you give us a try.

Who we are:

  • A procurement consultancy specialised in external staffing
  • Personally committed
  • The best result