Benieuwd naar de mogelijkheden?

Buyflex coordinates the realisation and/or optimisation of procurement agreements. To put it succinctly, we push for the best agreements. That’s not to say that we negotiate harder; rather, we employ a smarter process. The question isn’t just what the price tag is and what it buys you exactly, but how we can work with the supplier to reduce it, which requires smart thinking and perfect implementation.

  • Performing a scan

    The first question we ask you is: what needs improvement? Give us a few weeks and you will receive a specific response, backed up by in-depth analyses, a clearer vision and effective best practices.

  • Determining strategy and basic principles

    Once we have clarified together what exactly you wish to purchase and what needs to be improved, we will determine the procurement strategy and record the deliverables in a customised negotiation or tender document.

  • Evaluating proposals, holding negotiations

    Suppliers submit their proposals and together, we evaluate them from start to finish. We also conduct the negotiations together. We know the build-up of rates and supplier calculations exactly – right down to the fiscal-legal details. Our knowledge in this field is extremely specialised and unparalleled, allowing us to create a rare transparency in the pricing. Inspired by everything we have heard and seen in the scan and the submitted proposals, we can negotiate all important conditions, from quality and delivery guarantees to sourcing models and payment terms.

  • Drawing up agreements

    Once you have made a decision, we will set out the details of the agreement, as well as the terms and conditions, in no uncertain terms. After all, it is not at the moment of signature that the value of an agreement becomes apparent, it’s in the years that follow.

  • Implementation

    Once it has become clear what needs to happen and once it has been laid down in an agreement, we can support the implementation if necessary. Hands-on, practising what we preach; these are the basic principles of how we support you when implementing changes at every level of your organisation.

And that is how we realise the best contracts for our clients. But we do even more: we offer advice and support on a whole range of issues relating to procurement and HR, as long as they’re linked to external staffing. Feel free to challenge us.